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What is an Emoji?

Emoji is a Japanese term for ideograms or characters used in electronic messages and websites. The term is a word composed of the terms e, in Japanese:η΅΅, "drawing" + moji, in Japanese:ζ–‡ε­—, "character", adapted into Spanish as "emoyi". Emojis are used as emoticons mainly in text conversations via smartphones. Some of these characters are very specific to Japanese culture, such as images of geisha, temples, and food groups such as sushi and onigiri..

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Easily πŸ“‹ copy and paste emojis ✌ into, use emojis for facebook, twitter, skype and wherever you want. You can also use emoji in your texts for seo or in your emails or messages. Emojis are free and easy to use, can be used by anyone for free on, express yourself easily showing emojis, you can express your loveπŸ’–, your sadness😒 or your joy among many other things. Use Emoji on android, emoji for iphone or emoji for pc.

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Enjoy your conversations by expressing yourself with emjoi and join millions of people around the world who are using them to express themselves, have fun using emoji and change the way you communicate with people.

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